Converting Competitors’ Part Numbers into ECT Equivalents Made Easy

Everett Charles Technologies’ cross reference part number conversion tool

ECT’s online cross-reference tool converts non-ECT spring probe part numbers into ECT equivalent part numbers. The tool provides customers with a quick and easy way to determine if an equivalent ECT spring probe is available for their application.

When a competitor’s part number is entered in the cross-reference tool, it will provide an exact match to an existing ECT part number if available or to a “functional” equivalent when a perfect match does not exist. The conversion result includes a link to the product page in the ECT e-shop, where detailed specifications allow the user to conduct an in-depth analysis of the ECT alternative. This allows the customer to instantly check the electrical and mechanical specification of ECT’s recommended probe match to compare critical parameters and verify compatibility.

Tony DeRosa, Product Manager, explains, “Recently even more part numbers have been added to the conversion tool. Our engineers leveraged ECT’s extensive knowledge of spring probes and applications experience to compile the cross-reference data for this tool, allowing us to accurately recommend conversion to ECT probes.”

Test the on-line conversion tool here: