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Accordion Custom Connectors

Key Features

  • Fully customized
  • Single component
  • High compliance
  • Outstanding electrical contact
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ECT’s Accordion Custom Connectors offer high reliability, high cycle life, patented single beam architecture providing a large range of usable compliance to absorb connector to target mating tolerances. With no requirement for a male to female target penetration, superior ease of use is achieved in blind mate scenarios with low insertion/extraction forces.

Flat spring designs are optimized for desired electromechanical characteristics such as preload, nominal force, and resistance. These characteristics are in balance with engineered strain management, ensuring a mechanical solution that exceeds cycle life requirements of the most demanding applications. Other physical characteristics can be designed to accommodate SMT, through-hole, compression mount.

An Accordion probe’s real advantage is observed in the theater of operations where it matters most. Its unique design offers a low mass contact that is stable in shock and vibration or otherwise harsh environments. Performance is unaffected by submersion, and self-healing is a result of deliberate wiping during actuation.


  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer

Offer unique design options to meet demanding application needs

  • High reliability
  • Adaptable to the application window