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Industrial, ATE Interface and PCBA Test Contacts

Compliant Connectors

> Compliant Connectors

ECT has developed Compliant Connectors Solutions and offers interconnect solutions with superior durability in high cycle life applications.

Spring Probes
ECT spring-probes

> Spring Probes

ECT expands the limits of test technology with innovative RF, battery, and high-current probes that deliver higher quality and better performance.

VG Mass Interconnect
VG Mass Interconnect products

> VG Mass Interconnect Products

ECT is recognized as the global leader in VG Mass Interconnect Technology for In-Circuit Test (ICT) and the Functional Test (FCT) industry.

Cross Reference Tool
cross reference tool

> Cross Reference Tool

With the ECT cross reference tool you will find equivalent ECT test probe series to products from our competitors, such as Feinmetall, Ingun, and QA.