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Board Interconnect Connectors

Key Features

  • Available as discrete PWB or wire mount contacts, or in complex insulators with latching mechanisms
  • Thousands of existing designs are available to integrate or use as a platform for additional customization
  • IP6x capable
  • Sealable
Board Interconnect

ECT compliant Board Interconnect offers flexibility in unpredictable mating environments. They offer ultra-high service life for industrial docking stations, tool changers, board stacking mezzanine applications, or sub-assembly interconnects where tolerance stack-ups make fixed pin connections unreliable.

Compliant board interconnects used in engineered configurations offer high data throughput and reliability capable of carrying USB 3.0, HDMI, SATA, PCIe, and other common products.


  • docking stations
  • medical applications
  • disposable peripherals
  • industrial interconnects and end efforts
  • chassis mount data receivers
  • ATE test head interposers
  • PWB mount
  • cable mount