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Ref No: 576 (Vac Port VXI RCVR)

VG Mass Interconnect Receiver Vac Port


Key Features

  • Receiver vacuum port VXI
  • Can be used for all fixtures / receivers with a Pylon® interface channel, except the VG4 Block system
  • Mates with Fixture Vacuum Port B10056


  • For use in VG Receivers
  • VGR12
  • VGR12-RM1
  • VGR24
  • VGR24-RM1

VG Mass Interconnect products provide a common Universal interface for your custom test rack and simplifies functional test across your product line.

  • Mass interconnect bench-top and rack mount receiver
  • Plug and play interface blocks for signal, coax, high current, pneumatic controls, and more
  • Stable proven products with 25 years in service
  • Best cost of ownership
  • Fast delivery next day on key products!
  • Compatible to currently available test instrumentation and platforms

There are a number of different block types:

  • Coax up to 26 GHz
  • Power up to 150 Amps
  • Coax and power combined
  • Signal: up to 170 pins, @250 VAC/5 Amps
  • Pneumatic: up to 13 fittings
  • Vacuum: port modules
  • High speed: USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ45