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Several receptacle termination styles are available to choose from such as crimp, solder cup, wire wrap, and Fastite. Receptacles make probe exchange fast and easy while ensuring wiring remains intact. Some styles are only available in certain sizes. Please reference the specific spring probe product pages within the ECT E-shop to determine available receptacles.



Typically used to attach a wire by mechanical crimping. This reliable connection is used primarily on smaller probe sizes in high-density applications where wire wrap is not available or in situations where probe plate thickness inhibits the use of wire wrapping. Push-on terminals can also be used and are commercially available from most connector manufacturers.

Solder Cup

W – 1


Typically used to attach a wire by soldering. This termination provides excellent electrical integrity for high-reliability applications. It is used primarily in low-density situations.

Wire Wrap

W – 2 Wire Wrap Post


These terminations are strong and provide excellent electrical integrity. It is the most common termination used in ATE fixturing.
Square post .025 (0.64)
Vacuum leak rate not to exceed 1×10-4 CFM@15psi

W – 2L Wire Wrap Post – long


W – 2LL Wire Wrap Post – extra long


Connector Pin / Round Post

W – 3


Round Post receptacles with .025“ (0.64 mm) diameter posts are used with .100“ (2.54 mm) center connectors and/or
ribbon cable assemblies for mass termination.
Vacuum leak rate not to exceed 1×10-4 CFM@15psi


W – 4


Fastite or Quick Connect termination provides exceptional contact integrity and is available only on SMT receptacles. Connections can be made quickly and wiring mistakes can be corrected easily without damaging the receptacles.
Wire termination (30 AWG only)
Maximum wire insulation diameter = .019 (0.48)
Wire strip length = .125 (3.20)
DS-62-1 Insulation sleeve is included
Recommended maximum current 1.0A DC
Maximum temperature may not exceed 105°


W – 28


Crimp with 30“ of 28 AWG wire attached
Maximum temperature not to exceed 105°C
Recommended maximum current 1.5A DC

W – 30


Crimp with 30“ of 30 AWG wire attached
Maximum temperature not to exceed 105°C
Recommended maximum current 1.0A DC

Push On



Push on termination

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