ECT Interposers for Board-to-Board Interconnect

Reliable and non-destructive connections for PCBA assemblies or testing

ECT interposers are industry-proven solutions for connecting and disconnecting boards easily and without damage. Drawing from its extensive portfolio of spring probes, ECT manufactures interposers that fully comply with the electromechanical requirements for a wide variety of applications.

ECT interposers offer a high density, short profile interconnection. The compliant aspect of spring probes naturally accommodates the misaligning tolerances often found in board to board interconnect applications. ECT offers an extensive catalog of spring probes to meet a range of electrical requirements including low resistance, high current, and signal integrity. These probes can then be mounted directly to a connecting board or housed in plastic, offering versatility in board-to-board connections.

ECT interposers ensure high cycle life and low and stable contact resistance in a high-density contact area. They connect and disconnect simply and quickly, and eliminate the need for any wired or cabled solutions.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager, comments, “with ECT’s design experience and extensive knowledge of base materials and platings, we can deliver interposers that meet customer’s demanding requirements. Our interposers are perfectly suited for assemblies in communications, medical, mobile device, ATE test head interconnect applications and are also ideal for non-destructive board level and system level testing.”

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