Fast and Reliable Prototyping for Best Time to Market

Everett Charles Technologies is streamlined to support new product launches

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) offers dedicated support and advanced tooling for prototyping of customized probes and connectors. Partnering with ECT for new product development ensures smooth prototyping and contributes to fastest time to market.

Prototype projects at ECT start with understanding requirements and direct engineer to engineer dialog with the customer to ensure the solution aligns with their needs. Electrical and mechanical analysis prior to hardware build increases design integrity. High precision machining of plastics and metals utilize CNC and Swiss screw machining centres. 3D printers and spring winding machines are deployed to guarantee best quality and accuracy. All related internal processes are controlled for high quality and fast turn times. In the final phase the customer can rely on ECT’s experience in managing the project into high volume manufacturing.

ECT’s multisite, U.S. based manufacturing capabilities, which are ISO certified, ensure product development transitions smoothly from prototype phase to volume production within the customer’s launch schedule.

Tony DeRosa, Product Manager, comments: “ECT’s Contact Products Group understands that time-to-market is one of the key factors in a successful product launch. To this end we have honed our development processes and added equipment at key steps.”

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