Everett Charles Technologies Releases HyperCore™ Material to Full ZIP™ Probe Product Line

Premium Performance for Semiconductor Test Based on Superior Probe Material

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) releases the HyperCore™ material to the full ZIP™ product line. ZIP™ is an ECT single probe family that is dedicated to semiconductor test applications. HyperCore™ is an innovative, non-plated and homogenous probe material optimized for longer probe life, longer cleaning cycles and reliable contact.

HyperCore™ leverages ECT’s extensive knowledge of contact materials. This proprietary material possesses properties that prevent oxidation, ensuring premium performance throughput high volume production cycles. With its 600 Knoop hardness, HyperCore™ is inert to common wear related to contacting tough surfaces and abrasive cleaning.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager explains: “ECT’s ZIP™ probes architecture features an innovative design that provide for superior contact capability. All ZIP™ products have a large internal contact area resulting in low resistance, superior bandwidth and excellent conductance. HyperCore™ adds an advanced material option to expand the cost of test technology. HyerCore™ ZIP™ probes present a new level of accuracy, scalability and performance in high volume semiconductor test.”

HyperCore™ is available as material option for all ZIP™ probes.

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