Meeting the Needs of OEM Applications: Everett Charles Technologies’ Battery Probes

ECT’s battery probes are specifically designed for the OEM markets

Everett Charles Technologies’ versatile line of battery interconnect spring probes provides design flexibility to meet your performance, cost, and assembly requirements. ECT battery probes are used in a wide range of applications including docking stations, data transmission, PCB interposers, and contacts for connector assemblies for medical, mil/aero, transportation and more.

Battery probes are typically molded into a housing and soldered to a mating PCB or terminal to provide a permanent, stable and reliable electrical connection. Spring probes are the preferred solution when mating planar tolerances pose a challenge or a longer reach is required. Battery probes offer superior durability in high cycle life applications compared to leaf spring applications.

Probe options include several lengths and mounting styles including a right-angle solution.  ECT battery probes offer superior durability in high cycle life and high current applications and feature an industry leading current carrying capacity of 5.0 A and probe resistance of under 50 mOhm.

Tony DeRosa, Product Manager, explains: “We understand the need of our customers for mission-critical reliability at a competitive cost point. With our design expertise and manufacturing capabilities we can help customers bring competitive products to market faster.”

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