Provide Flexible Options for Reliable Testing: Everett Charles Technologies’ Board Marker Probes

ECT’s board marker probes innovative features optimized for best performance

Everett Charles Technologies’ extensive board marker probe (BMP) offerings provide customers with options to meet the challenges of PCB test. Board marker probes are compatible for installation on both bare board and loaded board test fixtures.

When the tester is equipped with the appropriate electronics and software, the ECT board marker probes scribes a permanent circle on very “passed” PCB or device tested. Boards which fail the test will not be marked. The risk of human error is eliminated in PCB testing and sorting.

The spring-loaded scribe tip contacts the PCB surface during activation. The DC motor rotates the scribe in a counter clockwise direction and leave a .050” (1.27 mm) circle mark on the PCB. The scribe is designed to mark board areas comprised of bare glass (FR4), solder mask over glass, copper, or bare tinned cooper. Spare tip replacement assemblies are available.

The variety of ECT BMP’s provides a large array of options including:

  • Pitch: The BMP-4 requires less than 400″ (10 mm) of fixture area when mounted into a threaded hole.
  • Mounting Options: BMPs can be mounted directly into fixture board or into a receptacle (BMP-1, BMP-1-S and BMP-3). Both options allow for easy removal and use in other fixtures.
  • Z-Height Adjustability: The BMP-4 and BMP-5 probes features a full-length threaded housing which allows for maximum adjustability in the Z-direction.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager, explains: “ECTs board marker probes are designed to combine ease-of-operation and maintenance with highest performance. With more than 50,000 cycles before tip replacement and a durable motor, it’s the ideal solution for high volumes. Our extensive offerings build on our experience providing solutions for in-circuit and functional test.”

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