ECT Adds VG Mass Interconnect Products to its Extensive Product Line

A reliable and cost-effective method of interconnect between instrumentation and device under test

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) is proud to announce the addition of VG mass interconnect products to its already impressive catalog. VG mass interconnect is a series of modular test system interface products that allow quick connection of a DUT (device under test) to a custom test system. VG series is commonly used to provide a reliable and cost-effective method of interconnect between instrumentation and DUT in the functional test of printed circuit board assemblies and sub-assemblies and in system level test.

ECT’s mass interconnect solutions for PCBA test offers module block options that are adaptable to varying tester configurations. Modules feature ECT probes and ECT contacts. This vertical integration offers price advantages and quality control that competing products cannot match. Most products are stocked resulting in short lead times. ECT hardware is non-proprietary and is compatible with many US fixture suppliers. Block options include high-density digital signal for common test and communication, high-speed universal coax interconnects with high power interconnects, and high-speed digital interconnects for dedicated commercial connectors.

Modular VG hardware can be reused for multiple setups. Modularity allows for custom configurations to match the electrical capabilities of a test system and the specific needs of the fixture.

Tony deRosa, Senior Product Manager, explains: “Products from our VG mass interconnect series are deployed by test and measurement professionals in a variety of applications such as OEM, military, aerospace, automotive, medical, and more. The spring probe is the most critical component of the VG product. ECT has over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of spring probes and has been supplying VG products since 1990.”

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