ECT’s High Performance RF Coaxial Test Probe Passed Critical Qualification at a Major Medical Device Company

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT’s) CSP-30ES-013 high performance RF coaxial test probe successfully passed an intensive 6 month qualification test process at a major medical device manufacturer. The CSP-30ES-013 probe demonstrated that its innovative features result in superior performance and ease of use. The CSP-30ES-013 was specifically designed to mate with female SMA connectors without any of the mechanical stress caused by a standard male SMA connector. The probe provides an instrumentation quality interface for broadband RF measurements in excess of 20 GHz.

At the end of the qualification phase, outstanding results were reported. The probe showed excellent impedance repeatability with no degradation from its original 50 Ohms impedance, and no visible or physical wear on mating connectors after 500 insertions.

The CSP-30ES-013 is an excellent choice for probe RF signal integrity measurements in both high volume testing or engineering lab environments. The quick connect feature coupled with its excellent repeatability makes it an ideal device for use in quick verification of RF components. The probe’s accurate small signal and RF power (50 Watts) measurements provide consistent and dependable results. With a bandwidth in excess of 30 GHz @ -1dB, the CSP-30ES-013 offers outstanding signal integrity and measurement capability.

The CSP-30ES-013 features spring loaded compliance for the center signal probe as well as for outer ground shield housing. Its knurl housing feature enables simple and reliable press fit mounting while the center conductor probe is easy to replace.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager explains: “The customer was searching for a solution with improved signal integrity. The ECT CSP-30ES-013 high performance RF coaxial test probe not only fully met this requirement, but also provided superior mechanical performance and outstanding ease of use. The customer confirmed the CSP-30ES-013 to be “overall, an excellent RF connector test probe.”

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