Substantial Yield Improvements with ECT’s LFRE Probes for PCBA Testing

ECT probes with proprietary Lead-free plating passed extensive qualification at a major US based OEM

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT’s) LFRE plated probes successfully passed an extensive qualification testing with an incumbent probe at a major US based OEM for power infrastructure equipment. ECT’s LFRE proprietary plated spring probes demonstrated a significant improvement in first pass yield and fully met the customer’s expectations in contact reliability and probe life.

This customer’s fist pass yield was negatively impacted by continuity fails due to poor contact. In head to head testing with traditional gold plated probes, LFRE plated probes offered a more reliable contact, lasted longer and required less cleaning in high volume production test applications.

ECT’s proprietary LFRE plating has a hardness range of 550 to 650 Knoop which is about 3 to 4 times harder than gold electroplating, the industry standard for Lead-free plated spring probes. This hardness makes the probe tips more durable and less susceptible to solder and material transfer.

ECT offers a broad line of Lead-free probes for PCBA test applications. Lead-free plating is featured on ECT’s PogoPlus® LFRE series and LFLT long travel probes. In addition to improved tip ware, LFRE plated probes are less prone to solder transfer. Lead-free solder, and OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives) treated copper pads typically present a harder or more abrasive contact surface causing excessive plating and probe tip wear. LFRE plating allows longer life and increased meantime between maintenance (MTBM).
Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager explains: “The customer request was for a more reliable contact and longer probe life for printed circuit boards using lead free solder. The incumbent probe was not able to provide reliable contact once it reached several thousand cycles. This resulted in continuity failures and frustrated test personnel. We are proud to receive the very positive customer feedback, which states that ECT’s LFRE plating provides a much more reliable contact and significantly reduces board seating and continuity challenges that existed with the previous solution.”

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