Sealed Compliant Connectors for Harsh Environments

Everett Charles Technologies meets critical requirements for a high reliability radio application

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) Compliant Connector solution for a high reliable communication system was accepted and will go into production at a North American customer. In close cooperation with the customer, ECT developed a dedicated probe that meets several critical requirements including short overall length, biased ball design with high compliance ratio for high current, and an over-moldable probe that is dive depth rated.

The customer required a sealed connector with 5 A current rating in a short profile package. Another key requirement was for the connector to be sealed. Production connectors are required to pass 100% non-destructive leak test.

The solution is based on an updated version of ECT’s well established biased ball probe design that offers a compliance ratio previously unattainable. The result is a high reliability internal probe contact between plunger and barrel, providing a high current conductive path. The deployed probe is sealed without additional potting or second operation. To support the customer’s production, ECT developed a production leak tester for this specific connector application.

Tony DeRosa, Sr. Product Manager for ECT Contact Products Group, commented, “Our custom connector provides a highly reliable and cost-efficient solution. By developing a Pogo profile that works with the molding process, we yield a consistent and high quality assembly, we are able to ensure that the connector is waterproof without any additional costly treatments. To offer this ideal solution to the customer, our team combined expertise in probe design and materials with a deep understanding of the production process.”

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