Everett Charles Technologies’ Step Probes: Wire Harness Contact Sensing and Component Sensing Spring Probes

A cost effective and reliable option for detecting connector contacts.

Everett Charles Technologies offers a variety of step probe options, including both off-the-shelf and custom designs. ECT step probes are replaceable and feature many receptacle termination options. These step probes provide a non-destructive way to verify the presence of contact leads within a connector assembly with reliable performance and repeatability. For applications such as automotive component test where zero defects are allowed, step probes are expected to work without error for thousands of cycles.

Step or “hat” probes are used to test for the presence of a contact that is positioned inside a housing or cavity. A step probe uses a “step” to control the distance of probe tip entry into a connector housing, allowing electrical contact to be made to a terminal without entering the terminal. The critical areas of the connector terminal remain untouched, ensuring proper conductivity and intermetallic relationships once the connector is assembled for end use.

Depending on customer preference, step probes can be replaceable or non-replaceable. All replaceable step probes feature a Pylon bend to prevent walkout of the probes from the receptacle. Non-replaceable probes have a press ring to hold the probe in place and keep it from walking out of the mounting bracket.

ECT offers a variety of pitches and step depths to accommodate a wide variety of customer test requirements.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager, explains, “ECT has been designing and manufacturing spring probes contacts for over 50 years. With this experience comes a knowledge of materials and platings and an established set of design standards that can quickly align probe features with project requirements.”

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