ECT’s Launches New Probe Family for RF Signal Testing of PCBAs and Industrial Applications

CSP-40 significantly reduces cost per insertion with best best electrical performance at competitive pricing

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) recently launched a new line of high frequency test probes for the PCBA and industrial test markets. The
CSP-40 high frequency probe family offers high reliability and excellent electrical performance at competitive pricing and significantly reduces the cost per test insertion.

Designed in ECT’s proven coaxial architecture the CSP-40 probe provides an instrumentation-quality 50 ohm impedance interface for broadband RF measurements up to 6 GHz. The physical and electrical characteristics are precisely controlled to ensure accurate and repeatable results. The RF center conductor system is captivated for maximum reliability.

The open architecture probe format accommodates a wide range of physical circuit topologies and alleviates the need for special geometry contact pads on the circuit under test. The CSP-40 line is offered in standard plunge-to-board configurations, which are off-the-shelf. It can also be customized to meet specific contact pattern requirements. The CSP-40 probe can also be configured to mate with industry standard connectors such as SMP, SMA, SMB and others. These RF probes can also serve as an ideal port-extending accessory for network analyzers and time domain reflectometers.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager confirms: “ECT probes are an ideal choice for high volume as well as engineering characterization applications. The new CSP-40 probe family leverages Xcerra’s extensive experience in providing solutions for signal integrity sensitive applications. We have over 10 years of simulating complex test structures including probes, PBCA’s and launches. We build and test many structures to validate our products and corresponding models.”

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