ECT Custom Pogo Pins Meet Requirements in Medical Applications

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) outperformed the competition in a challenging burn-in and bench test validation for a major medical device manufacturer of pace makers. ECT’s pogo pin provided greater reliability and longevity compared to the competitor’s spring probe.

The customer was looking for a solution to overcome a high number of mis-contact events including opens and shorts. A requirement of note was addressing the known challenge of side loading present in the fixture.

ECT developed a custom probe to ensure a controlled and elongated bearing surface. During the evaluation period, the ECT solution provided improved first pass test yield, longer probe life as measured by insertion count, and improved reliability of parameter measurements.

Claude Castiglione, Regional Sales Manager, explains: “ECT has been supplying spring probes for over 50 years and leverages this industry leading experience into unique, customer-focused solutions to the most challenging spring probe applications. We combine expertise in engineering and materials with decades of manufacturing know-how to provide highly reliable custom solutions.”

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