ECT Adds to Its Growing Portfolio of RF Coaxial Spring Probes for High Frequency Test:

CSP-40A-024 and CSP-40G-021 probes bring performance and ease-of-use to the next level

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) recently launched 2 new high frequency test probes for the PCBA test market. The CSP-40A-024 and CSP-40G-021 radio frequency probes are designed to mate to a variety of industry standard connectors such as MMCX, Fakra, SMB and U.FL.

They combine proven RF performance with ease of use to ensure accurate and reliable testing. The CSP-40 coaxial probes provide an instrumentation quality interface for broadband RF measurements in excess of 6 GHz, and provide a cost-effective solution for high volume board testing. With the addition of the CSP-40A-024 and CSP-40G-021 high performance radio frequency probes, ECT expands its industry-proven high speed test interface portfolio.

The CSP-40 series offers outstanding signal integrity and is capable of bandwidth measurements in excess of 6 GHz @ -1dB. The CSP-40 probes allow for high frequency functional tests in both high volume testing and engineering lab environments. The probes provide consistent 50 Ohm impedance for repeatable measurements.

The CSP-40A-024 and CSP-40G-021 provide spring-loaded compliance for both the center signal probe and outer housing that provides ground contact. The articulated contact allows for correction of targeting errors. The CSP-40 series features a rugged design for inline applications and an easy to replace center conductor probe. The adjustable snap ring feature ensures easy and reliable mounting.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager, explains: “The CSP-40 series meets the need for cost effective, high performance functional testing at high speed. Our engineers designed these probes to mate with several industry standard connectors.  They provide excellent performance for our board test customers in both engineering lab and high volume applications. It leverages Xcerra’s extensive knowledge in providing solutions for signal integrity sensitive applications, and we have over 15 years’ experience simulating complex test structures including probes, PCBA’s and launches. We build and test many structures to validate our products and corresponding models.”

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