Everett Charles Technologies to exhibit at BIOMEDevice Show 2015

Leading Connector Solutions Meeting Challenging Requirements

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) will exhibit its leading Compliant Connector Solutions at the upcoming BIOMEDevice Show scheduled to take place December 2 -3, 2015 at the San Jose Exhibition Center, California.

ECT offers a comprehensive portfolio of compliant connectors including customized solutions. ECT’s “standard connectors” are based on a highly flexible architecture, which facilitates cost-efficient configurations for customer requirements. ECT compliant connectors meet the highest quality standards and have proven superior durability in high life cycle applications.

Leveraging decades of experience and a US-based manufacturing, ECT uses application specific materials and contact technology to ensure reliable signal integrity. ECT Compliant Connectors feature sealed connections and are also available for high current and high frequency applications.

ECT continuously strives to offer the best solutions for challenging applications. Recently, ECT launched the Accordion™ probe. Accordion™ is a patented contact technology from ECT that targets high reliability applications. It’s well suited for demanding environments found in medical markets. Accordion spring contacts incorporate a compliant, one-piece spring in an open architecture format to accommodate a wide range of physical circuit topologies. Utilizing a single contact eliminates the threat of liquid and debris build up between parts while also being tolerant of vibration and shock. Accordion offers several surface contact advantages over traditional compliant contacts. One of which is placing multiple contacts per position to allow for single target redundancy.

It can also be designed to provide a controlled scrub which removes oxides and debris from the contact position and its mate. The Accordion scrubbing action ensures surface contact, while the single beam prevents the momentary resistance spikes found in connection systems requiring a wide range of actuation. This versatile contact can be tailored to specific x-y-z envelops and compression force targets.

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