ECT Introduces New Tools to Its Robust E-Commerce Website

Search Competitor Parts, Download Specs, CAD drawings, ISO and Order Probes

In the past 12 months ECT has provided multiple new tools to its e-commerce website ( including: a competitor cross reference tool; revamped search functionality; the ability to download ISO, mechanical, CAD drawings, and probe/tip replacement instructions; and a new shopping cart to make a purchase or request a quote.

Competitor Cross Reference Tool

The competitor cross reference tool takes probe part numbers from select competitors and compares them to ECT’s line of proven spring contact probes. Just type the competitor’s part number in the search field and the functional equivalent and/or alternate ECT part number will be displayed. With just a click you will be directed to the ECT probe’s product page on the e-commerce website. Now it’s just a matter of selecting the tip style, spring force, and quantity you wish to order.

Searching Simplified

ECT’s e-commerce website has made substantial improvements on “how to” search. One such way is by category; categories include: Battery, General Purpose, High current, ICT/CT, RF, and semiconductor probes. Customers can also search by typing in the minimum to maximum spring force your probe requires. ECT’s catalog can also be searched by test height, overall length and/or recommended travel. Lastly, searching by probe termination allows for the use of crimp, Fastite, round post, solder and even wire wrap as search parameters.

Downloadable Content at Your Fingertips

After navigating to the probe product page, you can now download information such as: ISO, electrical and mechanical specs, CAD drawings, probe tip and replacement instructions. A real-time data sheet, which includes all specs and related products such as receptacles and/or tools for the spring probe is available for print or download with just the click of a button.

A Cart Worth Checking Out

ECT has redesigned its shopping cart. Customers now can choose the option to purchase* a spring contact probe or request a quote. When on the product page, just select your tip style, spring force and the quantity of probes you wish to order. Next, click the “Add to My List” button; this will add the probe and its quantity into your cart. Then click “View my list” to review your cart and select your method of shipping. Click “Proceed to checkout” where you can order the probe(s) or request a quote for the cost. You must create an account with ECT or sign in to make a purchase or request a quote.

Note: For international customers; your request will be sent to our regional select partner.
* At this time, only customers in North America can purchase online.

If you cannot find a probe to match your needs, ECT will provide custom solutions based on your requirements. Simply fill out the form at our contact-us page, and a representative will quickly respond to your request. For any technical questions or to speak with a customer service representative, please visit

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