ECT Improving Performance and Reliability for PCBA Test and Industrial Applications

Everett Charles Technologies Launches l40 Tip Style

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) launches the new l40 tip style. The innovative geometry of the l40 tip ensures best yield and reliability and overcomes the challenges of contacting lead free solder or OSP treated copper.

Lead free solder and OSP treated copper present a harder or more abrasive contact surface causing excessive plating and probe tip wear. The l40‘s advanced off axis tip geometry machining methodology was designed to improve tip wear and resistance to tip fracturing. l40 tip style offers a more robust probe design and a longer tip life. The l40‘s straight shaft lance with a 40° facet combines the penetration capability of a sharp tip probe while providing added material behind the tip to increase strength.

l40 tip style is available for probes that meet the toughest challenges in PCBA test and industrial test while providing superior performance and reliability.

The development of the l40 tip style combined the thorough understanding of the needs in the PCBA test and industrial test markets with leading in-house design and manufacturing capabilitites.

The l40 tip style is featured on ECT‘s Metrix, LFRE and LFTL probe series.

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