ECT High Current Probes Leverage over 50 Years of Industry Leading Experience

A comprehensive high current product portfolio provides both technical and commercial advantages to the customer

ECT high current probes are an optimal choice for testing PCBAs and electronic assemblies as well as embedded OEM applications. With multiple options ranging from 10 A up to 150 A DC, ECT offers cost-effective and highly reliable solutions to address the major technical challenges facing high current probes: consistent high current carrying capacity and low heat dissipation.

ECT high current spring probes provide customers with a broad range of proven capabilities. Their rugged design is optimized to ensure solid contact and resistance as low as 5 mOhm, making them ideal for inline applications. The probe tips have been engineered to maximize contact surface area and reduce arcing.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager, explains:”All ECT high current probes are designed to optimize current carrying capacity and minimize path resistance. Our engineering team utilizes highly conductive materials and platings, ensuring maximum current carrying capacity, wear resistance, and thermal integrity. All high current probes are designed to provide extreme durability while offering high, stable contact force; the ECT 100A probe has a spring force of about 8 lbs. while the flat tip geometry and ECT’s bias ball architecture ensure low resistance.”

ECT high current spring probes are well-suited to a variety of applications, from in-circuit and industrial testing to OEM applications. They offer an ideal solution for both high volume production and engineering test lab environments, and end- users include board test houses, fixture companies, and direct OEM customers.”

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