Everett Charles Technologies: Change in VG Brand of ATE Mass Interconnect Products

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) has some important information to share related of the VG brand on ATE Mass Interconnect products.

The management of this brand and product family will transition from the ECT Fixture and Service Group (FSG) to the ECT Contact Products Group (CPG). This transition will allow improved focus on the affected products, and ultimately an improved experience for our customer base.

As ECT FSG exits the fixture customization market in North America and Asia, ECT CPG will continue to provide POGO spring probe products, and assume support for the VG platform. ECT CPG will deliver these products direct to our OEM customers as well as Fixture Manufactures and Test Integrators.

VG ATE Mass Interconnect is a series of modular test fixture products that allow quick connection of a DUT (device under test) to a custom test system, typically to enable functional test PCBA’s. ECT offers a full line of Receivers, Receiver Blocks and Fixture Blocks and supporting hardware such as cables and contacts.

Please use the following link to connect with  ECT’s VG Products Communication Guide. The guide provides contact information for key Customer Service and Support personnel.