ECT Accordionâ„¢ Technology Used for Innovative High Current Connector Solution

Innovative interconnect design exceeds the limitations of standard spring probes

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) has developed a customized high current connector for testing electrical power components based on an unprecedented design using ECT’s Accordion™ compliant contacts. In addition to the demanding high power performance this challenging application called for a cutting-edge connector design to comply with the extremely small space limitations and contact surfaces.

The challenge of this project was to transfer continuous current exceeding 50 Amps through small contact surface area, not well suited for standard spring probes. ECT developed a technical solution that gives the customer high cycle life and compressed foot print based on the Accordionâ„¢ compliant contact. Compared to standard spring probe solutions, the Accordionâ„¢ based design supports higher current and leverages more reliable surface contact.

The Accordionâ„¢ compliant contact is a proven solution for high density / high current applications. Accordionâ„¢ contacts can be integrated into a connector to provide multiple, independent current paths. The Accordionâ„¢ ensures low resistance and reduces power loss and therefore heat loss. Accordionâ„¢ contacts placed in parallel overcome contact challenges including irregular surface topography, dirt and debris, and non-parallel connection. In addition, the probe is modular. This allows varying the current capacity as required for each test point, but uses a consistent reliable design.

Tony DeRosa, Product Manager, explains: “For this customer project we designed a compliant connector with a direct current path using multiple independent current paths. We developed this innovative solution leveraging the unique advantages of our Accordionâ„¢ contact: flat , single piece compliant spring design for best reliability in high current applications. This customer specific solution packed several Accordionâ„¢ contacts together, ensuring side to side contact and specific overlapping, redundant contact points through-out the assembly. No comparable solution had been available to the customer before. It proves once more, how the team at Everett Charles Technologies combines leading-edge technology with innovation and experience to create the best solutions for our customers.”

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