Leading Probe and Connector Solutions at productronica in Munich

ECT to exhibit at the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Development and Production 

ECT will showcase its leading portfolio of probes for RF and High Current probes, a comprehensive offering of Battery probes that feature highly consistent electro-mechanical characteristics. ECT will also be displaying its versatile and proven VG Mass Interconnect Series.

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ECT New Spring Probe and Connector Design Facility in Lincoln, Rhode Island (RI)

Same Brand Reliability – New Manufacturing Location

Everett Charles Tech (ECT) has been manufacturing in New England for over 50 years. Cohu has leveraged that well-established presence by investing in a new facility in Lincoln, RI, focused on spring probe and connector design and manufacturing.

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ECT Interposers for Board-to-Board Interconnect

Reliable and non-destructive connections for PCBA assemblies or testing

ECT interposers are industry-proven solutions for connecting and disconnecting boards easily and without damage. Drawing from its extensive portfolio of spring probes, ECT manufactures interposers that fully comply with the electromechanical requirements for a wide variety of applications.

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Converting Competitors’ Part Numbers into ECT Equivalents Made Easy

Everett Charles Technologies’ cross reference part number conversion tool

ECT’s online cross-reference tool converts non-ECT spring probe part numbers into ECT equivalent part numbers. The tool provides customers with a quick and easy way to determine if an equivalent ECT spring probe is available for their application.

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Choosing the Right ECT Spring Probe for ICT and FCT Testing

How do I select base material, plating, spring force, and tip geometry?

Spring probes play a vital role in testing PCB assemblies. With seemingly endless combinations of base materials and platings for plungers, barrels and spring and a variety of tip styles to choose from, choosing the correct configuration for a given application can be confusing. The following guide is intended to help ECT’s PCB test customers make spring probe choices that offer the best reliability and probe life for their applications.

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Everett Charles Technologies’ Step Probes: Wire Harness Contact Sensing and Component Sensing Spring Probes

A cost effective and reliable option for detecting connector contacts.

Everett Charles Technologies offers a variety of step probe options, including both off-the-shelf and custom designs. ECT step probes are replaceable and feature many receptacle termination options. These step probes provide a non-destructive way to verify the presence of contact leads within a connector assembly with reliable performance and repeatability. For applications such as automotive component test where zero defects are allowed, step probes are expected to work without error for thousands of cycles.

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Provide Flexible Options for Reliable Testing: Everett Charles Technologies’ Board Marker Probes

ECT’s board marker probes innovative features optimized for best performance

Everett Charles Technologies’ extensive board marker probe (BMP) offerings provide customers with options to meet the challenges of PCB test. Board marker probes are compatible for installation on both bare board and loaded board test fixtures.

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Meeting the Needs of OEM Applications: Everett Charles Technologies’ Battery Probes

ECT’s battery probes are specifically designed for the OEM markets

Everett Charles Technologies’ versatile line of battery interconnect spring probes provides design flexibility to meet your performance, cost, and assembly requirements. ECT battery probes are used in a wide range of applications including docking stations, data transmission, PCB interposers, and contacts for connector assemblies for medical, mil/aero, transportation and more.

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ECT Adds VG Mass Interconnect Products to its Extensive Product Line

A reliable and cost-effective method of interconnect between instrumentation and device under test

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) is proud to announce the addition of VG mass interconnect products to its already impressive catalog. VG mass interconnect is a series of modular test system interface products that allow quick connection of a DUT (device under test) to a custom test system. VG series is commonly used to provide a reliable and cost-effective method of interconnect between instrumentation and DUT in the functional test of printed circuit board assemblies and sub-assemblies and in system level test.

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2018 – A year of Innovation for ECT: Leading Edge Products and User-Friendly Electronic CAD Download Released

In the last twelve months Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) substantially enhanced its product portfolio by releasing new products for RF test and board marking and by adding the VG product line from the Fixture Test Group. ECT also joined the GrabCAD community to facilitate access to ECT product drawings.

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