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Cross Reference Tool

How to Use the Cross Reference tool:

  1. Enter the part number you want to convert in the box.
  2. A drop down list will open below. Select the part number from the list.
  3. The “Competitor Part Number” will appear and the ECT Equivalent Part Number. When applicable, an Alternate ECT Number will also appear.
  4. Click on the ECT part number to visit the e-shop product page; place an order and/or get specifications, such as: CAD files and data sheets.

Competitor Part Number Examples

GKS-050 305 050 A 1000

If you are having difficulty searching for your part number, please "Contact Us" for further assistance.


  • ECT equivalents are based on best fit and may not be exact. Please compare specifications to ensure compatibility.
  • When selecting POGO® series probes consider using LFRE™ series probe for extended life.
  • Loading the conversion tool for the 1st time may take a few seconds.